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Govinda Tatti

     Namaste 🙏, my name is Govinda. I am a software engineer by profession and currently working for the Nvidia Corporation in Austin, Texas. From my childhood I have been very passionate about Yoga but I started seriously practicing from 2011. In 2018, I took my passion to the next level and completed various Yoga Teacher Training and other Certifications such as Yoga Instructor Course (YIC) from SVYASA University, Advanced Yoga Teacher Training | Pranayama | Meditation courses from Akshar Yoga School, Inner Engineering | Surya Kriya | Angamardana | Yogasana Courses from Isha Foundation, SKY Breathing | Sahaj Meditation from Art of Living and several workshops from Satvic Movement. Currently I am doing the Rainbow Kids Teacher Training, Master Yoga Teacher Training from Akshar Yoga School and exploring in Ayurveda and Naturopathy fields.

     My goal is to share the knowledge of Yoga and its benefits with other people, especially with kids and contribute towards building a healthy world for future generations. So, I started teaching Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and ShatKriya Classes in Jan 2021. I hope you all can join and help in achieving this goal for our kids/future generation.



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